My action-packed day started this morning at the Osceola Public Library. However, my story times were just the beginning of the fun!


Afterwards, everyone planted flowers! Instead of planting them in the ground, we planted them in people’s hair.


Any time you do garden work, you should expect to encounter creepy crawlies. You might encounter bugs that are small.


And, you might encounter bugs that are BIG!


I took a train to my next stop at the Lamoni Public Library!


Apparently, they were having some major mole problems in the city. There were giant holes everywhere!


Thankfully, it didn’t stop a crowd of people from showing up to listen to story time!


Although there are lots of summer readers in town, the prize vault was still well-stocked and ready to make more kids happy.


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Even if it is a hot day, and your dog is panting, never put him in a bun!