Today, six fellow superheroes beckoned me to the Carroll Public Library!


A large crowd had randomly shown up to their building and they needed someone to entertain them!


Of course, while I had the attention of the audience, I convinced them to sign up for summer reading. And, in Carroll, summer reading means awesome sticker rewards!


With the emergency taken care of, I had to consult my sticky notes to remind me who I was supposed to visit next!


It turns out the Audubon Public Library was my second stop of the day. Story time was held in the BINGO room next door!


The dads were getting so excited at my event that the temperature in the room rose quickly.


In most cases, if I’m not wearing gloves, I don’t get too warm during story time!


Luckily, the librarians helped keep everything cool by using three fantastic fans!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you shrink yourself and plan on going ice skiing in the ice maker, make sure you don’t accidentally shoot out and end up on some moldy cheese in the back of the refrigerator!