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Entries for June, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

I always enjoy visiting with the friendly citizens at the Decorah Public Library!

They all love to “Dig Into Reading!”

You always have to remember, if you’re going to do any sort of digging, you might encounter some creepy crawlies!

But you also might happen upon some really cool things, too, like dragon eggs!

After Decorah, I headed over the rainbow to the Ossian Public Library!

They have some really amazing hidden passages in their bookcases!

They have been the first library to make me sign [...]

Giant Worm = Giant Fish!

Let’s face it, if I was a Time Lord, it would make my travels much easier! Plus, having a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver would be lots of fun!

Fortunately, when I visit the Mason City Public Library, I don’t need to travel through time and space to get a good parking spot!

It’s the only library I know that has a children’s area, a teen area, and a dinosaur area.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they even have a bunny rabbit area!

Later, [...]

I’m Trying to be Serious!

My first stop today was at the Ackley Public Library. The town is famous for their Sauerkraut Days, but they are also big fans of sweet corn, too!

There was a bit of construction going on at the library! Bulldozers and road signs were everywhere!

All of the building improvements were to make the library “Clifford Accessible!”

And, yet again, this morning’s audience reminded me that every time I’m trying to be serious, they think I’m trying to be hilarious. I don’t know [...]

Time and Space Bunny!

Today, I was shocked to find a bunny running around the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque. I thought I should try to help catch him!

The next thing you know, I was spinning uncontrollably down a rabbit hole!

I found myself in a weird dimension where the very fabric of time and space was coming unglued.

In other words, it was just like being at one of my story times! You just never know what craziness I may share with the audience.

Fortunately, some [...]

Robot Dans!

This morning, the Kendall Young Public Library in Webster City was invaded by an army of robots that were programmed to look just like me!

I wasn’t sure if the robots were good or evil, so I warned everyone to take shelter wherever they could find it!

I asked some fellow superheroes to help me stop the army of dopplegangers!

We were successful, and now have Dan robot heads for sale. They’re only a dollar a piece!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never, [...]