Today marked the final day of the 2012 Reading Road Trip! It was the final day to save five little aliens!


It was the final day of making adults stand up and sing.


It was the final day of performing at libraries, big and small.


With such a packed morning and afternoon, I knew I needed to stay hydrated! I definitely need a bigger straw!


The crowds at the Coralville Public Library helped me kick off the day.


I wish it could have lasted longer, but I had to catch a hot air balloon toward my next stop!


On my way to the Cedar Rapids Public Library, I fell asleep and began to dream about big purple dinosaurs!


The balloon got caught in a tree right outside the library, and I had to be rescued by a Super Reader and a Really Useful Engine!


I grabbed the genie’s lamp and rushed into my performance, just in the nick of time.


Next, I hopped onto a train and chugged off to my final story time at the Schroeder Public Library in Keystone!


My final story time marked the end of 100 performances throughout 66 different cities!


I handed over the last of my flying saucer discs, and now get to count down the days until the awesome Iowa State Fair! Thanks to all 14,264 of you who attended story time this summer!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never accept a dare to slam dunk a skunk.