I should have known that Betty, the librarian at the Musser Public Library in Muscatine, was up to something. There was a twinkle in her eye and she was wringing her hands suspiciously!


She surprised me with an unexpected smooch on the cheek!


Next, the whole audience was blowing me kisses. What was going on?


It turns out she had secretly enrolled me in the Smooch-a-Frog Challenge. All the earlier kisses were just practice for the real thing!


There were no kisses, smooches, or anything else unsavory at my next stop. The Morning Sun Public Library was so bright I needed to wear shades!


Getting all my story time props up the giant flight of stairs was quite an adventure!


Luckily, I had lots of little hands to help me bring everything in!


It was another great day of reminding kids to turn their TVs off! Playing real sports is so much more fun than playing video game sports!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Filling a swimming pool full of Jell-o might sound like a lot of fun, but once the flies and ants arrive, the fun will be over!