My morning started out in a library that was so beautiful, I thought I had been transported to some sort of a fancy museum or courthouse!


It turns out it was the AWESOME Drake Public Library in Centerville!


One of the grand prizes for their summer reading initiative is a brand new bike!


And, the only ways to win the big prizes are to read a lot and to practice Clifford’s Big Ideas!


It’s a big week for my friends at the Humeston Public Library!


As soon as my afternoon story time was done, we had to reset the room and make way for another event!


That important event is, of course, the library book sale!


Jackie, the librarian, was afraid with everything going on, she might get a few gray hairs. That’s why she has started up a fund to dye her hair back to the original color once all her events are over.


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If your favorite television newscast is anchored by alligators, you can bet you are going to get up-to-the-minute swamp coverage!