After spending a few days of vacation around the campfire, I was ready to get back to the Reading Road Trip!


I never would have guessed that some woodland creatures would have followed me from the campsite to the Pocahontas Public Library!


Luckily, the crowd was very hospitable and made room for the forest beasts!


And, as an added surprise this morning, I was invited to perform with three of the town’s most talented sopranos!


I hopped onto a rocket for my afternoon stop at the Mason City Public Library!


What are the chances that the librarians had just returned from a camping trip as well?


Even after a few days away, the magic genie’s lamp was ready to grant more wishes!


Of course, one of my greatest wishes is that every kid will sign up for a library card after story time!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you’re hiking through the forest and wander upon a pile of pine cones, don’t disturb them! It could very well be an afternoon snack for Bigfoot.