This morning, when I arrived at my first stop of the summer, I found these five “Sleeping Beauties” at the Carroll Public Library!Carroll3

I was kind of jealous of their naps because I had a hard time getting rest last night. I couldn’t sleep because I was worried my props wouldn’t work today! Luckily, they all worked perfectly!


We broke a Carroll Public Library attendance record with 509 people showing up to our two story times!


I received a wonderful surprise, too! It was a spare cape, just in case anything happens to the one I wear now!


Next, I was off to the Mary J. Barnett Memorial Library in Guthrie Center. The families were reading good books together while they waited for my show to begin!


It just so happens the library was also today’s voting headquarters for the city!


You know, if kids could vote, I might be able to get elected as Emperor of the Universe! I promise I would choose a librarian as my running mate!


Don’t worry, if you didn’t get one of these stylish flying discs today, you have 64 more chances to stop in to a story time and grab one! Scroll up and click “VIEW Map” to see all our remaining stops!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you’re going to eat a hot dog in outer space, you had better remember your gravity ketchup!