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Entries for June, 2012

33 Finished, 33 Remain!

As many of you know, tensions between me and the dragons have quickly escalated this week! Last night, after hours of negotiations, the leader of the dragons and I agreed to a truce.

A written agreement is now in place assuring that dragons and humans will live in harmony with each other for eternity.

This morning, hundreds of people came out to the Huxley Public Library to see the signing of this historic armistice. The crowd decided to stick around for story [...]

The Dragon Boycott!

You may remember I had to deal with an unruly dragon a few days ago. Today, that dragon’s extended family showed up to boycott my story time at the Ericson Public Library in Boone.

However, the dragon invasion wouldn’t stop us from dreaming big! There were big dreams of fantastic treehouses!

There were also big dreams of having casts signed!

And when I asked the crowd if anyone had a dream of cooler weather, almost everyone raised their hand!

Later, at the Nevada Public [...]

A Long Time Ago in a Library Far, Far Away…

“WHO-WHO-WHO” had fun at the Des Moines Public Library this morning?

Well, of course, lots of families had fun!

The librarians warned me about getting too close to any of the low-hanging stars!

Apparently, the cow that jumped over the moon doesn’t usually watch where he’s jumping. If you get too close to the stars and the moon you might get kicked!

Later in the day, there was a slight “disturbance in the Force” at the Milo Public Library.

However, it was nothing to be [...]

Sir Rustalot, the Parking Hog!

This morning, at the Marshalltown Public Library, story time started at 9:15 on the dot!

That’s because the town’s citizens like it when the trains run EXACTLY on time!

I was surprised with a card from one of my younger fans!

This was written inside!

I would have stayed in Marshalltown all day, but, a band of travelling wizards told me there had been a dragon sighting to the south!

Sir Rustalot, a foul rust dragon, was taking up way to many parking spots at [...]

Woodward, the Library Pig!

Today, I had the honor of meeting Woodward, the Whittemore Public Library pig!

The basement of the library is as fancy and as fun as one you might find in a royal palace!

It’s Day 13 of the Reading Road Trip and the genie’s lamp is still working magic as always.

The kids in town even helped me discover a new use for the flying saucer discs! It turns out that they make great Lego holders!

My afternoon stop was at the elementary school [...]