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Entries for June, 2011

After-Hours Tubing!

This morning, at the Waterloo Public Library, we prepared for the masses by providing special stroller parking.

There was a small army in attendance for story time, and you know what that means! I had the pleasure of giving out countless high-fives!

I was surprised that a giant space tuna popped in to watch for a little bit.

It turns out he wasn’t actually there for story time. Instead, he was hunting for some bugs for lunch!

In the afternoon, I discovered that the [...]

Birds, Flies, and Frogs!

It is amazing that every year I’ve visited the Decorah Public Library the crowds just get bigger and bigger.

Someone in the audience had accidentally taken a parking spot reserved for “Mother Goose!”

This made her very unhappy and she sent some of her feathery friends to chase me out of the library.

I was able to escape just before another bird tried to carry me off! Luckily I had time to claim a fabulous thank-you gift!

Next, it was off to an [...]

What a Furry Crowd!

The Elkader Public Library is always open for business when I come to town!

Kids, kids-at-heart, and babies-at-heart all enjoyed participating in the show this morning!

One particular super-hero had an awesome cape with the letter W on it! W is my favorite letter because my last name starts with it!

I soon found out she wasn’t the only one wearing the letter W to celebrate my arrival! Every kid had one. I felt like king of the W club!

Later in the day, [...]

Never Fear! Cowboy Spider-Man is Here!

This morning began with a return visit to the Anamosa Public Library, but not before a quick stop at the National Motorcycle Museum.

The librarians told me they have been getting an endless stream of phone calls from people wanting to know when I was scheduled to be there.

All the kids at story time were wearing the same hats. I thought I should get a closer look.

“We Geek Dan Wardell” hats! Most excellent. Now I have my own fashion line! [...]

Engineers Unite!

This summer I celebrate my fifth year of the Reading Road Trip! Every year I’ve made the awesome Pella Public Library one of my stops.

This year, however, there was an accessibility issue for one of my fans! She couldn’t get her fancy red wagon into story time!

Luckily, some brilliant engineers helped me build a ramp for her to get into story time.

No more Reading Road Trip story times this week. I’m going to take a quick vacation to Stonehege this [...]