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Entries for June, 2010

The Twin Centurions!

Two outside story times in one week? You better believe it!

It was beautiful outside the Belmond Public Library, but it was also beautiful inside!

They have a book return and a fish return.

They also have a very needy parrot. He loves to give kisses.

The Mason City Public Library is still under construction. So the museum next door hosted all the fun.

And this was not just any museum. It was the home to Bil Baird’s The Sound of Music [...]

Real or Imaginary?

This afternoon I wasn’t sure if things were real or imaginary at the Iowa Falls Public Library. Was this a real or imaginary penguin?

Was this a real or imaginary tiger?

Was this a real or imaginary grandma?

One thing was for certain: all the fun we had was REAL!

The Algona Public Library reminded me of one very important water fact! There has been no rain on my trip for at least two days!

The sunny weather brought the Algonians out in [...]

Keeping Cool, Inside and Outside.

Things got so crazy at the Des Moines Public Library this morning that we had to hire a few extra super heroes to contain the crowds.

I always love it when fellow super heroes show up to help with a big audience. It helps me keep my cool.

Super heroes come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see, they also wear many different types of outfits to strike fear into the hearts of villains.

But you don’t need a [...]

Mermaids and Crocodile Wrestlers!

There were lots of great characters at the Spirit Lake Public Library this morning. There were fierce pirates.

There were beautiful princesses too.

Four underwater mermaids helped me catch a few fish.

And I even met a crocodile wrestler who let me take a quick swim in his pool.

As I pulled into the Laurens Public Library, the sidewalk chalk artists were busy at work.

To say the town was excitable was an understatement.

The library had one simple rule, “No bare/bear feet in the [...]

Duck Pool of Fortune!

After a night of thunder and lightning it was time for fun in the sun with the staff of the Sanborn Public Library.

Story time was held in a very awesome place, the middle school gymnasium!

I assembled a team of the finest beach ball athletes in the state.

Of course, they all wanted an autograph from their captain.

Next I set sail for fun and adventure at the Inwood Public Library.

They had a fabulous duck pool of fortune. Draw a duck and win [...]