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Entries for June, 2009

Story Time Brightens My Day!

Story time at the Urbandale Public Library always brightens my day!

Everyone there believes reading makes the world go round!

You never know what kind of adventure you’ll find at the library!


Next, during my afternoon visit at the Grimes Public Library, we completely filled the library.

They made me feel like a STAR!

They made me feel like a KING!

They made me feel like a FLAMINGO?

And now for this week’s Kids Art!  “Elves Love Shoes” by Abby.


“Dancing Dan Wardell” by Anonymous.


“Cassie Finds Flynn’s Blanket” by [...]

Dance, Dance, Dance!

I just love it when we pack small libraries full of people!

And this morning at the Leon Public Library the crowds, including a few monkeys, showed up!

The citizens there are very cultured painting enthusiasts.

They even like a good art sculpture too!

Let’s hear those lions roar!

Later, at the Corydon Public Library, it was time to pull out my favorite ballroom dancing bow tie. 

Because it was time for some ballroom dancing!

I placed first in the town’s dance contest!

I even learned a new dance [...]

Jedi Council Bluffs!

Ahhhh, the Council Bluffs Public Library!  They always draw a crowd for story time!

It might be because they give you prize tickets for reading.

Luckily, there is a knight and a dragon to guard the prize chamber!

And if the knight or dragon can’t be there to guard the prizes, the mice certainly can.

Wow, what a welcome I had later at the Malvern Public Library!

The librarians are very welcoming too!

The crowd there just kept getting bigger…

And bigger, and bigger!

This week our Kids [...]

A Mouse Infestation!

This morning I was made to feel very welcome at the Bedford Public Library!

It was a cozy little library with a great place to curl up by the fire.

They did have a bit of a mouse infestation though.

As well as an infestation of these things too…  I’m not quite sure what they were.

Later, in Corning, I found out that the librarians love to “rock out!” With their headphones on, of course.

I’m told the librarians also make some great snacks.

And what an honor being [...]

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I should have known there would be trouble when this morning started out so hot!

Luckily, story time at the Atlantic Public Library was nice and cool.

There are three things they love to do there: read, read, and read!

Even the librarians and volunteers love to read, read, read!

My afternoon at the Winterset Public Library seemed to be going well, too!

My Superfans were there in full force!

And some old friends even showed up to surprise me.

All the people there were certainly creative!

Especially [...]