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Entries for April, 2009

Birthday Monday 04-28-2009!

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:The only thing more dangerous than an angrycrab is an angry crab with jetpack technology.

Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s right! Today is my birthday!

How cool, I received some balloons!

And, of course, took a ride on the birthday pony!

To celebrate my birthday in your town,I hope everyone gets up to dance!

Or better yet, share a story with a friend!

On my birthday I’m thankful that towns all acrossIowa are having fun with the Healthy Hike!

Kids are reading more than ever!

Kids are moving more than ever!

And yes, I’m still making surprise visits to schools and libraries!

Who knows when I might [...]

Birthday Monday 04-20-2009!

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:If you are ever missing a ball from your pool table, themost likely culprits are prairie dogs.

Healthy Hike Adventures!

The Healthy Hike continues to be filled with fun and adventure!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Tar goes on your roof. Caramel goeson your ice cream. Never mix up the two!

Healthy Hike Surprise Visits!

Last week seemed like it was going to be a week of normalstory time antics with a visit to the Winthrop Public Library!

I also had a planned stop at the Stacyville Public Library…

And the Fairbank Public Library!

But it turns out I had a few tricks up my cake pan!

I made a few surprise stops at a few Healthy Hike schools!

I even dropped by for a surprise visit to a few Healthy Hike libraries!

Don’t be surprised if I make a surprise [...]

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