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Entries for July, 2008

Never Cut in Line!

The Council Bluffs Public Library LOVES reading! How do I know?Look at this line waiting to get into story time!

Uh-oh! I cut to the front of the line,and one of the librarians caught me!

I was mysteriously turned into a panda!

Then I was changed into a catfish!

Finally, I was tranferred back outside where I wasat the back of the the line! I learned my lesson.

My next lesson was at the Glenwood Public Library whereI had to learn about [...]

The Gift of Pillows!

I wasn’t sure anybody would show up to yesterday’s story times at theSidney Public Library because I thought they might all be at the rodeo!

But lots of families showed up to enjoy my show!

Some of the cowboys and cowgirls actually triedto “rope” me into coming back next year!

Even the librarian tried to convince me to come backby offering me some complimentary pillows!

No time for pillows, though! I had to convince this cab driverto rush me off to story time [...]

PBS Rocks!

PBS Rocks! What a fabulous way to start yesterday’s story time at the Urbandale Public Library!

I quickly discovered that Urbandalites love to read!

They love reading so much that I was assigned somereading guards to protect me and my story time at all costs!

One thing is for certain: the Urbandale librarians certainly love to have fun!

And for your enjoyment: more Kids Art!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:Never guzzle down a jug of itchy liquid oryou will be up all night [...]

Business Horizons 2008!

Although there were no story times last week, don’t worry!I wasn’t in trouble with the law!

I was at one of my favorite events of the summer: Business Horizons camp!

This year is my tenth anniversary as an advisor at Business Horizons building inventions…

Learning about teamwork…

Solving near-impossible puzzles…

And having fun in the process…

Another year of celebrating all the great opportunities the great State of Iowa has to offer!This week it’s on to my final nine stops for story time!

Dan’s Wise Advice [...]

Cloning Adventures!

There’s nothing better than people lining upat the library doors before the building even opens!

That’s exactly what happened yesterday during anotherbug-filled story time at the Johnston Public Library!

Hmmm… I started to think… If I could extract some of my DNA strands,then I could clone myself and do story time everywhere all the time!

With my cloning powers I could stay young forever!

I set my top scientists to work on my top secret cloning project!

The first cloning attempts were complete failures!

Later cloning [...]