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Entries for June, 2008

Pirates Plus Robots Equals Fun!

After arriving at the Cedar Falls Public Library yesterdaymorning, I soon discovered it had been taken over by pirates!

Luckily, the pirates let me join their crew!They even let me have an official crew bird!

The pirates showed me maps to all their finest treasures!

And they told me how to trick the guard froginto letting me grab secret treasure chests!

Later at the Waterloo Public LibraryI helped some kids build a robot!

I think it turned out great!

The robot taught us how to do [...]

Who Wants Some Punch?

Guess where I started my story times yesterday morning!?

In Manchester, reading rocks!

The whole town was “a buzz” about me coming!

And judging by the book choices of these three,the whole town has indeed caught the reading bug!

Manchester was followed by a packed house at theIndependence Public Library that afternoon!

It is a very unique library where story times are served with refreshments!

I learned a few fashion tips for incorporating butterflies into my wardrobe!

And afterwards I hung out with the cool kids in [...]

Lights Off, Lights On!

The Vinton Public Library seemed a bit dark yesterday,and it wasn’t because of my sunglasses!

Floods had knocked out the power,but a giant generator brought the lights back just in time!

Electricity helped all the kids, grownups,and librarians enjoy my lovable antics!

And having lights always helps make the library’sweekly horseback riding lessons go smoother!

The Westdale Mall had power for story time that afternoon,but at first I was afraid only one person would show up!

But soon came the masses!

Some brought the gift of [...]

Pancakes Everywhere!

Yesterday as I walked into the Anamosa Public Libraryfor story time I encountered some mutant pancakes!

It turns out the pancakes were actually a fashion statement!

Pancakes weren’t their only interesting wardrobe choice!

Despite Anamosa tradition, no one was about toput wings or a funny pancake on this bear!

That afternoon at the Dubuque Public Library we had quite a dilemma…

Should I or should I not fly into story time on a giant blue pancake?!

There were a lot of votes, but the library boardfelt [...]

Saint Ansgar Day!

Yesterday was a special Saturdayafternoon story time in Saint Ansgar!

I arrived early and was able to take part in some of thefun that was going on in the park for Saint Ansgar Days!

I had the honor of meeting a future Miss Saint Ansgar!

But the real honor was firing up the Hot Dog 3000to help feed the festival-goers!

Before too long I was escorted to the library for story time!

Where almost all the kids in the town came to help me tell [...]