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Entries for July, 2007

The Final Week!

Today starts the final week of the Reading Road Trip!To celebrate, I decided to spend last night at the disc golf park!

Disc golf is just like regular golf, except you throw discs toward a basket!

Disc golf courses are a lot more relaxedabout letting you bring your pets, too!

It’s too bad I couldn’t teach Pearl to fetchwhen I threw too close to the water hazards!

The Ankeny disc golf course is the only place I’ve ever lost a disc!Several years ago, I [...]

Birthday Monday 7-30-2007!

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:You can call a store the “super center”, but unless it sellsacid protective capes, flame retardant gauntlets, andpowerful leap-boosting boots, it isn’t really all that super!

Dan Wardell Gets Petitioned!

It’s a safe bet that when you receive a list inthe mail with 60 signatures on it, you’re in trouble!

But before we get to the petition, let’s take a look at allthe Kids Art that piled up while I was away at Business Horizons!

“Curious George and Hunley” by Emma and “Curious George Goes Surfing” by Nicholas

“Clifford and Dan Wardell” by Grant and “Colorful Squiggles” by Mason

“Arthur the Engine” by Isabelle and “Clifford, Emily, and Logan” by Logan

“Thanks for Coming to [...]

Business Horizons: Final Day!

Yesterday was the final day of Business Horizons!

That meant it was time to celebrate!

It was a special celebration this year because Industry D wonfirst place for the investment presentation AND the infomercial!Even though it was pretend money, we were awarded $850,000!

It was the first time in nine years my industry haswon both the investment and infomercial presentations!

It was also the first time in nine years that Iwas able to take my picture with a big hairy gorilla!

A thousand “Thank you’s” [...]

Business Horizons: Day Five!

Yesterday, the big day finally arrived as the membersof Industry D made their investment presentation!

That afternoon we also performed our infomercials,where I had the honor of being the host!

I must have worked the members of Industry D too hard,because they decided to get revenge with magic markers!

Luckily, the markers were the washable kind!At least I hope so!

Apparently, I wasn’t the only advisor who was the target of revenge!

My great friend, Adam Steen, also had his facecovered in a strange substance: [...]