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Entries for June, 2007

The Mummy's Curse!

Wow, was yesterday a strange day in Cedar Falls and Waterloo!

I knew we were in trouble when we opened this mummy’s tomb!

With all of the scary movies I’ve seen, I should have knownbetter than to step foot in the pyramid in the first place!

But, no - we HAD to walk like Egyptians!

We pretended to be King Tut!

I even sat on his throne!

It was lots of fun…

Until the mummy kicked us out!

Luckily, everything worked itself out in the end,and kids were [...]

Hooked on Reading!

Wow, was yesterday packed with fun!Here’s how the day ended.

But the day started out in a very crowded Charles City Public Library.

Of course, there were puppets so we could tell the story of the doctor and the shark.

But this is the first stop where there was a tree IN the library instead of out.

Next it was off to the town where I went to college, Waverly.

Grant Price, one of my professors from Wartburg, showed up to story time.Luckily, he didn’t [...]

Fishing for Some Kids Art!

Let’s start today off with some abstract Kids Art!

“Rainbow Blobs” by Blob Lover Bob and “Red Glob” by Taylor

We also have some IPTV kid show art!

“Emily Elizabeth” by Kaylee and “Ruff Ruffman” by Danny

And finally, some crazy art!

“Magnificent Glass” by Mr. Mystery and “Curious George” by Aili

How ironic! Just the other day I handed a magnifying glass to my great friend Seth,and he told me his favorite show was Curious George!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about my stops inCharles [...]

Don't Drink from the Elephant!

I always love running into family members when I’m out and about!I’m not sure if Mary from the Nevada Public Library is a relative or not,but you have to admit we share a striking resemblance!

Remember: The Reading Road Trip isn’t just about family - it’s also about friends…

And puppets! How could I ever forget puppets?

Yesterday’s afternoon stop was in the mighty town of Marshalltown!

I received some high marks for my story timeand a high five from the town’s toughest [...]

Roll the Dice!

When I’m not on the road this summer I like to relax by playing a good board game!

Why, just last night I claimed Cleopatra’s throne!

I braved the mighty Niagara in a canoe!

And returned with lots of precious jewels!

I invested those jewels in power plants and made a fortune!

The power plants had some plumbing problems, though!

No worries - I straightened them all out!

I ended the night leading a band of heroes to safety!

Board games are all about using your imagination,and when [...]