Thursday is the day I look forward to the most because it is the day I get to show you some of the awesome mail I’ve received from kids all over Iowa!

This week I received a picture of WordGirl from my great friend Ellie!

WordGirl is a brand new show that will begin airing on IPTV this fall!
It is all about young Becky Botsford who left the planet Lexicon to spread her legendary love of vocabulary across Earth!

WordGirl and her brilliant monkey friend, Captain Huggy Face

I also received a great picture of one of my favorite cartoons from when I was a kid! It was drawn by my fantastic friend James!
Can you guess what it is?

Since this picture reminded me of my favorite cartoons and the toys I played with when I was a kid, I went to my toybox to see if I could find my childhood treasures!

I found two of my favorite characters!

One was this weird fly-man thing!

The other was this cool rock creature.

Your parents might not admit it, but they were kids once, and they played with toys and watched cartoons! Seriously! Ask your parents to dig out some of their childhood toys and email me some pictures! I would love to see them!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Never operate a toaster in outer space unless you are firmly tied to the spaceship! As soon as that toast pops out, you could be blasted toward the nearest black hole!